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Cyril Sweett rebrands itself as the Sweett Group

by Gerhard Hope on Oct 17, 2011

Sweett Group international MD Eamonn Kerr.
Sweett Group international MD Eamonn Kerr.

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Cyril Sweett will announce its rebranding tomorrow as the Sweett Group, according to international MD Eamonn Kerr. The group is set to consolidate its presence in the Middle East.

Kerr says the rebranding process commenced in Australia and India, followed by the Middle East. “We will follow with Europe and North and South Asia.”

Kerr says the name “has maintained the theme of Sweett; it coincides with the original name, so that clients get used to the idea. I think it is also more contemporary; it looks and feels different as a single word.”

He explains the reasoning behind the rebranding: “As we have expanded our business across the globe, part of that expansion has involved mergers and acquisitions. I think there has been a point where we had three or four different brands sitting within the group because of mergers and acquisitions.

“However, now that we have reached a critical mass as a global business, we want to see the Sweett Group start to be the prime focus. Internationally that name has now gained some traction.

"This pulls all of them together into one vision and one set of values, and I think that is a much more comfortable place for everybody.

“I think it is a point in time where the region is maybe just rethinking about where it is going, how it is getting there over the long term and what it is going to do. I think we are at the beginning of that road with our company in terms of being able to launch a common brand across the GCC,” says Kerr.

“Also, you inevitably gain relationships, and that is always how business is best done, through relationship management. People like a clear and simple understanding, and when they see or hear different names, it slightly clouds the picture for them, so I think the single brand with a single set of values and a single strategic approach is very comfortable.”

Read the full interview with Eamonn Kerr in the next issue of Construction Week magazine.


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