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Al Habtoor Group enters auto parts market

by Stian Overdahl on May 30, 2012

Punters at this year's Automechanika.
Punters at this year's Automechanika.

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Al Habtoor Group has launched an auto parts company called Global Auto Parts, which will supply parts to all major Japanese and Korean car brands, and major European, American passenger car and trucks.

The company will sit under Al Haptoor Motors, and is promising uninterrupted supply and consistently competitive pricing from its newly-constructed 25,000sq metre, fully-automated warehouse facility.

Al Habtoor Motors holds distribution rights for Fuso, Mitsubishi, Bentley, as well as other brands in the UAE.

The company had its official press launch at of Automechanika Middle East, held in Dubai in May 20-22.

The three day exhibition also served to underline Dubai’s position as a regional hub in the aftermarket parts market, with visitors from around the Middle East and further afield visiting the expo, many in the hope of securing distribution deals and partners.

North African markets are currently an alluring prospect for UAE-based auto parts traders, says the director of one parts company.

"We met with a number of prospective clientele mainly from Egypt, Libya and Algeria. As these markets start to become more stable and open up regionally, there are big business opportunities available for us," said Asad Badami, managing director of A-MAP.

Badami says that the lack of automotive manufacturing industry within the Gulf region has created a demand for a well-developed and strong re-export trading sector, with Badami saying that UAE companies are well-placed to service the market.

"Obviously the stability and desirable geographic position of the UAE is a huge driving force behind the domestic market as well, and we continue to see growth in the Middle East and especially from Saudi Arabia as its construction boom picks up speed."

He says many companies in the field have defied the recession and seen strong growth over the past six years.