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24 Hours With... Racquel Casinsinan

by Devina Divecha on Jan 2, 2013

Racquel Casinsinan
Racquel Casinsinan

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EFS project co-ordinator Racquel Casinisinan outlines her day

8am: Starting my day at work has always been the most interesting part, as I get to say my “hi’s” and “hello’s” to everybody, especially my colleagues in the operations department who are my friends both inside and outside of the office.

8:10am: After I clock-in, I go straight to my computer, check my emails and attempt to respond to the many messages which have landed in my inbox overnight. If they require further action, I note them down in the “to-do list” in my note pad and set my priorities for the day, starting with the most urgent.

9am: I take the time to view my line manager’s calendar, arrange various meeting times and set-up the agenda for the meetings accordingly.

9:30am: My everyday tasks begin by managing the many documents which require the approval of my line manager, the GM of operations. These documents include: quotations to clients, LPOs, material requisitions, completed work orders, cash receipts for reimbursements, leave applications, transfer forms and various others.

Further to his approval, these documents are forwarded to the concerned department — procurement to process the LPOs to suppliers, finance for petty cash reimbursements and HR for leave requests.

12pm: I start to process new material requests, prepare quotations for the clients, gather completed reports and works orders for invoicing and compile all requests for the GM of operations’ approval and signature.

4pm: I begin the follow-up of material availability from procurement and advance payments from finance. Upon successful availability of the materials and advance payments, I immediately inform the relevant facilities manager and site supervisor they can collect, so the work orders and client requests are completed on time.

6:30pm: I end my day by reviewing the “to-do list” in my note pad, ensuring that all the tasks have been ticked off. I make sure that nothing is left for the following day, as I like to start the new day with new tasks.