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Twin Peaks

by Devina Divecha on Jan 10, 2013

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Ben Churchill and Norman Crowley dish out more details on the formation of Emrill Energy Services

There’s an air of jubilation surrounding Ben Churchill, managing director of Emrill, and Norman Crowley, founder and chairman of Crowley Carbon. And for good reason — since the launch of Emrill Energy Services at the beginning of November 2012, they have been inundated with inquiries about the firm’s services and confirmed deals.

The Emrill Energy division has been created in partnership with Crowley Carbon, Ireland and CES UK to provide energy management solutions from consultancy and design through to installation and monitoring.

Crowley says the firm very rarely partners with anyone on ventures. “We tend to do a lot of this on our own, but we were blown away by Emrill’s scale and reach in the region, and also we really got along with the senior management team.

We felt that they will operate fast in the area and we haven’t been disappointed. The ink has barely been drying on the agreement and we’ve got a launch and a lot of clients lined up.”

He adds that statistics show the UAE ranked third in the world for energy consumption per capita per head in 2011, following Qatar and Trinidad & Tobago. “So what better place really, to do this?” he says with a smile.

Churchill adds to the reasoning: “As a building maintainer with long-term relationships with high-profile clients within the Middle East, we have a good understanding of how a building operates and its operational challenges.”

He says that Emrill was considering the potential for energy services in the region for 18 months, while trying to figure out how to differentiate themselves in the market and add value.

“Other firms claim to do energy services and do to an extent, but they tend to offer consultancy services or are from a manufacturer and their interest is in selling you things and then leaving.

We’re very different — we’re product agnostic so it doesn’t matter where the products comes from. What we do is we sell savings. This isn’t about selling a piece of equipment.”

He adds: “The cost of energy within the building is almost twice the cost of its FM, and globally, 40% of carbon emissions come from the build environment.”

Crowley Carbon has a structured approach when it comes to dealing with existing buildings. It has acquired a technology called Automated Continuous Commissioning which can figure out if anything is amiss with a building’s control system, and can make a recommendation on how to fix it and also affixes a price against the energy loss being made until it is repaired.

“It’s the first time anyone’s ever linked a mechanical break with a financial result. It also has a neural network technology that’s like artificial intelligence so it can see from a trend of errors in the building management system as to what the problem is. There’s no other system like that [in the world],” explains Crowley proudly.

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