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Top 10 construction news stories of 2012 revealed

by Stuart Matthews on Dec 31, 2012

The fire in Dubai's Tamweel Towers was one of the most read stories of 2012.
The fire in Dubai's Tamweel Towers was one of the most read stories of 2012.

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Construction Week brings you the ten biggest construction-related stories that made the news in 2012.

1. Broad sticks to 90-day world's tallest target
Top of the most read stories in 2012 was this tall tower story out of China. At the time the project was still awaiting approval, but the scale, cost and proposed timeframe of the project drew global attention.

2. Fire breaks out at Makkah Clock Tower project
In the first of several fire stories to grab the headlines in 2012, the controversial King Abdul Aziz Endowment building in Makkah — home to the world’s tallest clock tower — experienced a large blaze in early March.

3. Qatar's top 10 contractors in 2011
In May a report released by CommercialBank Capital revealed that Qatar's top 10 contractors had been awarded work worth $7.88 billion in 2011. Interest in the story showed the increasingly intense focus of the construction market on activity in Qatar.

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4. Video: 30-storey Chinese hotel built in 15 days
2012 kicked off with another astounding story from China, again featuring the Broad Group. This time, the company constructed a 30-storey, 17,000m2 hotel tower on the shores of the Dongting Lake in China’s Hunan Province in just 15 days. The resulting video was a huge hit and its related story got plenty of attention too: 360-hours to build 30-storey hotel in China.

5. Abu Dhabi awards $3.2bn Midfield Terminal contract
In what was probably the UAE's most anticipated project award of 2012, Abu Dhabi's Midfield Terminal project was approved at the end of April. however, it was a few days later before the identity of the winning contractor was confirmed in the story Arabtec-TAV-CCC wins Midfield Terminal contract.

6. Video: Fire scours Tamweel Tower in Dubai's JLT
Fire struck again in November, when a blaze at Dubai's Tamweel Towers caused massive damage, but fortunately, no loss of life. The blaze was caught on camera by CW's John Bambridge, with his on-the-spot video also getting used by the BBC.

7. 36 skyscraper designs that beat the Burj Khalifa
Proving the point that CW readers love a good tower story was this piece on proposed tower designs. It will be interesting to see if any of these proposals break ground in 2013.

8. End of the road for expat sponsorship in Qatar?
Reports of changes to the kafala system in Qatar drew widespread attention and cautious optimism from expats, although all adopted a wait and see approach.

9. China contractors quit KSA: attitude too different
In June reports emerged from Saudi Arabia saying that Chinese contractors were leaving the Kingdom, having faced difficulties in operating. The story drew some of the strongest reader reaction of 2012.

10. Dubai to build Mohammed Bin Rashid City
Late November brought some good news and the last story to make it into the top 10 for 2012. Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced plans to build a new multi-billion dollar project called Mohammad Bin Rashid City. The new city project will be built by Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties in what is being described as the biggest real-estate JV in the region.