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24 hours with ... Ben Grib

by CW Guest Columnist on Jan 18, 2013

Ben Grib
Ben Grib

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Ben Grib, the managing director of facility services at G4S outlines his day.

6:30am: I wake up with my coffee and browse through the newspaper headlines before I head out for work.

8am: Depending on the day of the week, I head for the G4S office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Once there, I attend to my emails I haven’t seen from the night before and deal with all the responses that are due to be sent out.

9am: Like clockwork, the team begins its operations update at 9am, to catch-up from the previous day. At this meeting, we also take care of new deployments, and requirements for the day ahead.

10am: Since G4S’ 15 offices and 30 accommodations fall under the facility management (FM) division, we have an extensive update each morning in this regard. G4S’ estate manager submits daily reports from respective
supervisors and the required maintenance and procurement are approved during these detailed meetings.

11am: I reserve the time slot between 11am and 2pm for meetings with existing and new customers. On a typical day, I touch base with at least two existing customers for a service and satisfaction review. I also try to schedule new business meetings during this time.

2pm: Between two and three in the afternoon is what I call the ‘number crunch hour’. During this, I sit with the finance team to get finance and collections updates.

3pm: After that, I deal with the daily sales update with the teams, where we discuss contract wins, what is in the pipeline and also prospective projects.

4:30pm: I take an hour before wrap-up time to go over all proposals and bids in process and vet tender submissions G4S is dealing with.

5:30pm: Close to the end of the work day, I attend to my emails again and set up my diary for the next day. 

6pm: End of the day at work. Depending on what day of the week it is, it’s either time for me to go home, or attend a networking meeting.