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Scale of Holy Mosque expansion project revealed

by CW Staff on Feb 11, 2013

The Holy Mosque expansion will see 63 hotel towers built
The Holy Mosque expansion will see 63 hotel towers built

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The project for the expansion of the holy mosque in Makkah will see the Mataf area expanded and its number of floors increased to six, according to Dr Muhammad Al-Khozaim, deputy head of the Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Al-Khozaim said that the Ottoman expansion of Mataf will be removed and the area will be expanded on three sides.

The Holy Mosque, or Al-Haram, will initially consist of four floors and will have two more floors added in the future.

The project will also see the construction of 63 hotel towers as well as the installation of central air-conditioning in the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project.

A study is also underway to connect all courtyards of the mosque with Mataf area via escalators to facilitate a steady flow of pilgrims.

The Holy Mosque expansion project consists of three main areas, with the first being the expansion of Al-Haram itself to accommodate two million worshippers.

The second phase includes the development of exterior areas such as  rest rooms, tunnels, and other services to ensure the smooth movement of worshippers throughout the site.

The third involves a support services area that includes a district cooling plant, an electricity station, water stations, and other services.