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50,000 counterfeit auto parts seized in KSA raids

by CW Staff on Mar 25, 2013

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More than 50,000 counterfeit ACDelco parts were seized in Saudi Arabia during the month of February, following a joint operation between law enforcement agencies and Customs, and the General Motors Global Investigations team.

The measures included a raid in Riyadh of a distributor of counterfeit oil filters, air filters and wipers, as well as a Customs seizure in Dammam of counterfeit wiper blades.

The actions build on operations carried out last year by GM Global Investigations, including investigations and raids, and support for Customs with product detentions in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

Recently, around 35,000 counterfeit ACDelco wipers were seized in China that were intended for export into the UAE.

Raids were also carried out in New York and New Jersey by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with the seizure of counterfeit ACDelco gaskets, spark plug wire sets and hubs that in part, were likely destined for the Middle East.

"Most raids in the Middle East target importers or in-market distributors. Some of these in-market distributors are found to be producing their own counterfeit packaging or labels, so in these cases, we move to try and seize their equipment," said Scott Emmer, General Motors global security manager in its brand protection division.

"In the past, we have also raided small manufacturers of glass products and windshields in Egypt. However, most counterfeits are still produced in China and are then exported globally," he said.

Global automotive counterfeiting is estimated at $12bn according to the U.S Federal Trade Commission. In the Middle East, this figure is estimated to be $1bn.