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Over 70 dead in Mumbai building collapse

on Apr 6, 2013

Photo: Punit Paranje/AFP/Getty Images
Photo: Punit Paranje/AFP/Getty Images

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More than 70 people have died following the collapse of a building in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Most of the dead were construction workers who were living in the site while working on the building, although some families had already moved in. A further 70 people were injured in the incident.

According to reports, the building in the suburb of Thane was one of over 2,000 in the area that had been built illegally.

Construction started six weeks ago, but workers were building the eighth floor when the structure collapsed. Four of the floors were already occupied.

An investigation into the collapse has already begun, and the local police commissioner KP Raghuvanshi said that police were looking to arrest the builders. One deputy municipal officer and a senior pollce officer have already been suspended on suspicion of dereliction of duty.

According to Associated Press, town spokesman Sandeep Malvi said that the collapsed building had been built on forest land and that the city had twice informed forestry officials of the situation.

He said: "Notices have been served several times for such illegal construction, sometimes notices are sent 10 times for the same building."

Building collapses are ahappen frequently in India dour to poor construction, as some firms use poor quality materials to cut costs or add extra floors to a building in a city where demand for housing is high.