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Jotun Paints creates 3D pond through art project

by Gavin Gibbon on Apr 1, 2014

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Jotun Paints recently took part in United Development Company’s (UDC) successful 'From Trash to Treasure' bottle top art project.

The project, which is held in association with Qatar Green Building Council, is an art installation-making initiative aimed at increasing awareness on the alarming amount of waste thrown away each day and to inform people on the benefits and advantages to be gained from reducing, reusing and recycling.

The new 3D pond was unveiled on 29 March at The Pearl Qatar as part of UDC’s Earth Hour 2014 celebrations. Jotun supplied the paints that were used in the creation of the pond.

The pond was completed in four days, with schools, residents and volunteers working closely with select artists and their assistants, from 21-22 March and also on 28-29 March.

During the activity, volunteers sorted, prepared, painted and glued the collected bottle caps to the artwork under the direction and tutelage of the Visual Arts Forum India (VAFI) artists’ group. The newly unveiled pond art installation can be seen at The Pearl-Qatar along the Boardwalk close to tower 30 in Porto Arabia.

“It was a truly enriching experience to take part in this UDC initiative. The 3D pond not only acts as a reminder of how we should reduce, reuse and recycle, but also increases our awareness on the need to be part of the campaign to help save the environment and preserve its natural resources," said Wael Fahmy, country manager, Jotun Paints. 

"Our participation in this activity demonstrates our strong commitment to this global environmental campaign. Rest assured, Jotun will remain steadfast in its promise to develop eco-friendly products that leave less of a carbon footprint and help in achieving total sustainability."