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Ashghal to launch 80 new projects in Qatar

by CW Staff on Nov 10, 2014

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Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced plans to launch 80 new infrastructure projects across the country during 2014-15.

Five will be in new areas, and the remaining in other parts of the country.

In addition, there are 233 projects under the programme spread across the country covering an area of over 750km2.

Once completed, the projects will serve more than 132,000 land plots, according to Ashghal 's Annual Report 2013-2014.

The projects aim to increase the capacity of roads and utility services to meet the requirements of continuous urban development such as residential units, educational institutions, commercial complexes and other facilities.

To enhance the role of local companies in the implementation of roads, drainage and utility services, the authority has short-listed 74 qualified firms.

According to the report, of 172 current projects, three have been completed, 16 are under construction, 24 in tendering stage, and 129 in design phase.

To ensure safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians, the Roads Operation and Maintenance Department has been implementing measures, including the use of smart solutions, such as emergency vehicle pre-emption system, over-height vehicle detection system and others.

Ashghal is also enforcing 'School safety zones for over 200 institutions in Doha' to ensure the safety of children and parents.

The increasing population has created pressure on the exiting sewerage network, pushing Ashghal to undertake a drastic overhaul to improve it. Sewage infrastructure projects include Inner Doha Re-sewerage Implementation Strategy, sewerage networks, surface and ground water networks, and drainage operations and maintenance.

The strategy includes major works such as the main trunk of about 45km-long sewage network, and advance sewage treatment network works. It also includes a main pump station with a capacity of 23m3/sec to produce up to 500,000m3/day of treated sewage affluent.

Ashghal is also focusing on implementation of public buildings for healthcare, education, religious and recreational facilities.

During 2013-14 it started developing 102 building projects at an estimated cost of QR4.2bn ($1.1bn), which include 18 healthcare and 44 educational buildings.