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Wall and ceiling systems

by Hannah Raven on Feb 7, 2015

He says the surge in construction projects ahead of Expo 2020 is helping highlight key performance areas like acoustics and thermal control, and underlining the importance of performance certification.

“Drywall solutions have grown rapidly in recent years, fuelled by the drive to increased efficiency and quality in construction projects throughout the UAE,” he explained.

“With 25m visitors expected for Expo 2020, the race to provide hotel rooms, transport facilities and associated infrastructure should keep the market buoyant.”

Gyproc has provided high-performance wall and ceiling solutions for projects including the Midfield Terminal and Muscat International Airport, the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi, and the Assila Towers hotel in Jeddah.

Along with new contracts, Gyproc is set to deliver a “constant stream of new and innovative products” in 2015.

“Our group research and development centres around the world are totally focussed on improved and innovative solutions that offer benefits to customers in everything from performance, to installation and cost saving,” said Hird. “In fact, one in every four of the products we sell today didn’t exist five years ago.”

International wall, ceiling and flooring firm Armstrong also plans on launching new additions to its already robust range of metal, glass fibre, wood, and bespoke interiors this year as it continues to grow its immense GCC project portfolio which includes the Emirates terminal at Dubai International Airport.

“We are currently involved in over 500 projects throughout the GCC region in design and through construction,” said John Kain, Armstrong’s director of global architectural sales, adding that clients expect increasingly high quality systems.

“The GCC is a dynamic and exciting market, challenging the limits of materials and suppliers,” said Kain.

“Customers are not interested in ceilings that are ‘white and cover up the junk in the ceiling’, they are looking at innovation and unique solutions.”

In light of that, Armstrong aims to launch a minimum of two new products every year, on top of improvements to existing lines.

Kain believes that transportation, sporting, healthcare, education and office projects will drive and dominate the market this year and that green construction will remain a necessity. He adds that in his opinion, “projects in the GCC are leading the way in sustainable design”.