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Renault Trucks launches flexible finance for Gulf

by James Morgan on May 12, 2015

Renault Trucks Middle East's flexible financing programme has been introduced to support its latest regional models.
Renault Trucks Middle East's flexible financing programme has been introduced to support its latest regional models.

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Renault Trucks has introduced a flexible financing programme for the Middle East.

The French automaker’s Middle Eastern division has unveiled the product in a bid to support its C-, K-, and D-range models, launched in the final quarter of 2014.

Flexible financing, according to Renault, will primarily facilitate customers working across the region’s construction and infrastructure development sectors.

“There is growth in the regional market leading to an increase in the demand for trucks, and as a truck manufacturer, we will actively provide enhanced solutions for our customers,” commented Henrik Larsson, sales finance advisor for Renault Trucks Middle East.

“Our flexible financing allows our customers to gain access to some of our top products, including our newly launched range of trucks, whilst choosing a suitable financial option [that] suits their capabilities.

“This scheme allows us to bring our customer service to a new level, and assist them in choosing products depending on their specific needs and financial capabilities. Our role is as an advisor to help them make the best possible choice,” he added.

Renault Trucks works with a network of regional and international banks, across a range of currencies including US dollars, euros, and Swedish krona. This, it says, facilitates greater financing options for regional businesses.

With packages that can be tailored specifically to businesses’ needs, and with typical ranges of up to five years, Renault Trucks contends that its flexible financing options will allow Middle Eastern customers to reduce their payments, initial down payments, and to build equity and fixed rates for enhanced control.

“We understand our customers’ financial needs and offer them the most competitive rates on the market, competing with some of the biggest banks in the region and leaving our customers’ credit ratings unaltered,” said Larsson.

“We also offer an Islamic financing option and a range of rate structures that give our customers a flexible and comfortable repayment schedule,” he concluded.