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Six must-have construction tech tools in the GCC

by CW Staff on May 17, 2015

Wearables are the next big thing in construction.
Wearables are the next big thing in construction.
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Smart helmet

Daqri, a developer of augmented reality products based in the USA has launched a hardhat called Smart Helmet.

While it may not have taken the internet by storm like tech giant Apple’s wearable, Apple Watch did, Daqri’s Smart Helmet adds a whole new perspective to how technology can be used to pave the way for intelligent construction practices.

Smart Helmet incorporates Daqri’s Intellitrack software, which uses the data from the helmet’s 360° navigation cameras and industrial-grade inertial measurement unit to create a complex mathematical model that understands how to avoid potential errors in tracking. Put simply, the helmet can map out the entire construction site for its user, as well as notify the user about any maintenance requirements for machinery.

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Multiple Smart Helmet models can be integrated, meaning construction workers on large scale projects can stay connected through the helmet’s common interface instead of having to rely on cumbersome paperwork to come through.

Daqri has stated the helmet is built around Android OS, according to a report in Gizmag. Furthermore, construction companies can also develop their own apps to work with the helmet.

The company is expected to start shipping Smart Helmet models in October, but product pricing is yet to be revealed. Global tech circles, however, expect the helmet to come at a steep price.