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Substations form powerful energy delivery hub

by Kim Kemp on Dec 6, 2015

The core of the substation's MEP system is the HVAC system.
The core of the substation's MEP system is the HVAC system.

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As Qatar embarks on massive infrastructure development across the country, including extensions to the Hamad International Airport, seaport, metro, LRT, expressway, tunnels, stadiums, hospitals, schools, hotels and several other large mixed-use developments, demand for power has never been greater.

At the foundation of power generation and distribution are the substations, fueling infrastructure projects and coping with the ever-increasing domestic demand as Qatar’s population swells.

Vasanth Kumar, CEO of Arabian MEP observes: “What we are now witnessing is large scale power transmission system expansion by the utility provider.”

He explains that increased energy demand is driving expansion: “As part of the expansion program, hundreds of substations are presently being built across the state and, depending upon the location, both above and underground. In addition, several existing substations are being refurbished, upgraded and extended to suit the new requirements and growing demands of the country.”

The type and capacity of these substations vary according to requirement and are built to various configurations, namely 33/11KV, 66/11KV, 132/11KV, 132/66/11KV, 220/66/11KV, 220/132/66/11KV and 400/200/66/11KV super-substations, Kumar informs.

As substations form the backbone of infrastructure projects, these mission-critical facilities have to be operational throughout the year on a 24/7 basis, coping with harsh desert conditions. “To keep a substation fully functional it is extremely important to have efficient and reliable MEP building services, with 100% standby systems equipped with auto-changeover controls for remote monitoring and control,” he emphasises.

To achieve the required stringent design and performance criteria, MEP systems have to be of the highest quality and reliability for efficient operation and performance. Such high quality MEP installations can only be carried out by
highly professional and experienced MEP contractors.

In this niche market, Arabian MEP has clearly established itself as a market leader with an impeccable track record of successfully completing MEP services for hundreds of substations, having been involved in this highly specialised sector for almost two decades, ever since it was established in 1998, under the leadership of its chief executive officer, Kumar.

Arabian MEP carries out the complete scope of MEP building services, including heating, ventilation, air-conditioning system (HVAC), plumbing, drainage, electrical, small power distribution, fire alarm and firefighting systems.