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Cat strikes deal to enhance aerial data analysis

by John Bambridge on Jan 17, 2016

A Caterpillar UAV surveys a site.
A Caterpillar UAV surveys a site.

Caterpillar has entered into a collaboration with aerial data collection company Redbird, described as a pioneer in the acquisition and analysis of aerial data, across its Europe, Africa and Middle East operations.

Cat has said that Redbird’s ability both to collect drone data and provide analysis using cloud-based, proprietary algorithms will accelerate Cat’s ability to aid its customers in making business decisions and optimising their operations.

George Taylor, VP for Cat’s marketing and digital division, said: “Caterpillar is always searching for ways to collaborate outside our four walls to give our customers and dealers a competitive edge.

“By joining with companies leading the way in the digital revolution, we have a chance positively to impact our customers’ and dealers’ businesses.”

The primary application of drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in assisting machinery-led operations is the collection of the topographical and operational data at quarry and constructions sites – enabling detailed project analysis and modelling with the aim of improving the project efficacy.

John Carpenter, Cat’s construction technology manager, added: “UAV data collection and Redbird's image analytics capability will provide customers with a variety of solutions for their operations, such as material inventory management, haul road optimisation and project progress to name a few."

Over the coming months, Caterpillar will work with both Redbird and its dealer network to create awareness, educate and introduce customers to the potential benefits of the technology.

Emmanuel de Maistre, CEO and co-founder of Redbird, commented: “Drones are entering a phase with data analytics at its heart. Our solutions have been developed with construction and quarry operators for the past two years, helping them extract the real value out of drone data.

“This collaboration with Caterpillar will bring tangible benefits to construction sites, mines and quarries, helping customers work faster and safer.”