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Saudi: 30% of Ministry's housing projects underway

by Hadi Khatib on Feb 22, 2016

Around 30% of housing projects agreed by the Saudi ministry are currently underway in the Kingdom, according to the Iqtisadieh daily.

According to reports 187 housing projects in 13 Saudi districts are under construction. 

The plan adopted by the ministry includes 233,651 housing units in total - 60% of which are in the design stage.

The housing ministry is looking for developers to handle 9% of these projects.

In the Riyadh province, 90% of the Khabra'a housing project, which spans over an area of 100,000m2 and comprises 92 units is complete.

The Khabra'a development is part of 10 projects in the Qussaim area, including the Breeda project which is complete and has now been delivered.

The ministry also announced that it has completed 60% of the Badai' housing project which covers an area of 77,000m2 and comprises 100 units.