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Middle East Rail reveals hosts for VIP evening

by Alexander Pieri on Feb 25, 2016

Bakhtiar H Wain, Avanceon CEO
Bakhtiar H Wain, Avanceon CEO

Rockwell Automation and Avanceon have announced their co-sponsorship of the upcoming Middle East Rail 2016.

The industry infrastructure and automation partners have also announced that they will also co-host an evening cocktail ceremony following a gala dinner.

Both firms are expected to showcase their respective projects at the upcoming transport conference, including the Dubai Metro network and ongoing infrastructural developments in Lusail City, Qatar.

Recalling their own work on the Dubai Metro network in 2008, Bakhtiar H Wain, Avanceon CEO, shared; “We invested over 83,000 man hours bringing the Dubai Metro to life; our biggest project of its kind to date and certainly one very close to the heart of this truly vibrant region.”

He added:“I’m proud of the high safety and ventilation specifications we implemented across this landmark network, it means that commuters can breathe easily.”

Avanceon’s engineering design is based upon Rockwell’s Automation SIL-2 redundant ControlLogix system, a popular automated safety platofrm.

Neil Enright, regional sales director, Rockwell Automation Middle East, said: “Our Controllogix system is built into the very foundations, a key factor in providing safer control of temperature regulation and quality of air inside the tunnel infrastructure.

“We provide centralised situational awareness by monitoring of life critical equipment during an emergency such as a fire.”

Terrapin’s Middle East Rail 2016 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre and will run from the 8 – 9 March.