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Construction of 'five-star' Dubai hospital in 2016

by Neha Bhatia on Mar 7, 2016

ABV said 150 luxury suites will be built for the five-star hospital. [Image: Arabian Business]
ABV said 150 luxury suites will be built for the five-star hospital. [Image: Arabian Business]

A five-star luxury hospital, touted to be the first of its kind in the region, is due to begin construction in Dubai this year.

Advet Bhambani Ventures (ABV), the company behind UAE-based healthcare group Lifeline Hospitals, said it has acquired a one-acre site in Mirdif and intends to build a 150-room ‘boutique’ hospital for wealthy patients.

The hospital, located just off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road near Dubai International Airport, will be developed under ABV’s new brand, Nucleus Hospitals.

International hotel operators are in discussion with ABV for the project, according to Arabian Business.

Advent Bhambhani, founder of ABV, declined to reveal the project's pricing structure.

However, he said its cost will "not be above the cost of the highest level accommodations at existing private hospitals in the UAE".

Bhambhani reportedly plans to develop five similar facilities across the Middle East and India if the Mirdif hospital performs to expectation. 

Luxury services offered by the hospital will include fine dining and spa treatments. 

It will have 150 luxury suites, “top-notch” concierge and fine dining – everything you would expect from a five-star hotel, said Bhambhani.

Remarking on the project, he added: "The aim is that, on the face of it, nothing about these hospitals would resemble an actual hospital.

“The brief we have given to our architects is to design a hotel, and incorporate elements of a hospital.

"But we want to conceal these elements as much as possible.”

ABV said it has also acquired a second plot of land in Dubai to build the UAE’s first privately-funded critical care hospital, under the brand name Criticare.

A third plot of land has been acquired for what Bhambhani claims will be the first custom-built paediatrics hospital in Dubai, “to be designed in the shape of a bouncy castle or a large playground”.

The three ventures are projected to be operational by 2020 and to cost around $600m (AED2.2bn) including land acquisition.