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Dubai's Nakheel cuts AC supply at Jumeirah Heights

by Neha Bhatia on Mar 18, 2016

Nakheel owns the Jumeirah Heights development in Dubai.
Nakheel owns the Jumeirah Heights development in Dubai.

Residents of Dubai's Jumeirah Heights development have reportedly been left without air-conditioning services due to billing errors. 

The residents say their services have been disconnected due to unpaid district cooling bills, which were incurred before they moved in. 

Nakheel Properties owns Jumeirah Heights.

The development firm's spokespeople are yet to respond to Construction Week's emailed query about the situation. 

According to local daily, The National, 14 owners and tenants "were told by developer Nakheel and Al Shirawi US Chiller Services that they must pay for district cooling charges stretching back to 2012".

Services have been disconnected for those owners who refused to pay. 

A tenant told the daily his landlord was asked to pay $1,225 (AED4,500) in charges incurred by the unit's previous tenant, from three years ago. 

The current tenant continued: “They rang me and told me that I need to pay the landlord’s money owed and that it’s up to me to get it back from them.

“They actually said, ‘It’s coming up to summer and it will be very hot without your AC’."

The landlord in question refused to pay, resulting in disconnected services 10 days later for the tenant, until they were recently resumed. 

A unit-owner at the development said Nakheel has demanded $1,089 (AED4,000) in payments from him. 

These expenses were, he said, incurred over six months before he purchased the unit, and he has therefore refused to pay for them. 

He added: “When the connections were made years ago Al Shirawi and Nakheel didn’t tell the owners that an amount was outstanding from the previous owners," reportedly adding a no-objection certificate (NOC) issued by Nakheel stated the property "did not carry any financial liabilities".

According to the daily's report, a Nakheel spokesperson said owners purchased their properties "when it was standard practice for purchasers to take on any liabilities associated with the property they were buying".

The spokesperson added: “These obligations were clearly stated in the sale transfer no-objection certificate issued by Nakheel and officially communicated to new owners."