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Saudi Arabia recovers 23,000,000 m2 of stolen land

by Hadi Khatib on Mar 17, 2016

The holy city of Mecca’s Amanah has recovered 23,000,000 m2 of 'stolen' lands south of the city, according to Saudi daily Al Iqtisadiah.

Scam artists, taking advantage of the lack of government supervision of properties tagged for urban planning, made fraudulent claims to lands encroaching on state property and sold them to residents.

According to the daily, the city's municipality had identified and delineated the area five years ago as government property aiming to develop it by building various residential, commercial and industrial properties, schools, parks and entertainment faciltiies as well as others.

Once the development blue prints are approved by appropriate ministers, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs would then be tasked with finding real estate investors for these properties.

The Saudi Cabinet has put together a team of experts to identify individuals or companies encroaching on government lands and prosecute them on a case by case basis to the full extent of the law.