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Doha and Dubai buildings 'smartest' in Middle East

by Neha Bhatia on Mar 22, 2016

Doha's buildings are the Middle East's smartest, a Honeywell study found.
Doha's buildings are the Middle East's smartest, a Honeywell study found.

A recently-released building survey claims Dubai and Doha top the list of Middle Eastern cities with the "smartest" cities.

The Honeywell Smart Building Score is a global index designed to assess buildings, and evaluated 620 buildings across Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait City, and Riyadh this year. 

More than half of the surveyed cities in the region have only limited connectivity and integration of building systems. 

The survey said the Middle East's average smart building score is 48 out of a possible 100. 

Doha's average building score is 70, over 20 points higher than the regional average, while Dubai's average score is 65. 

Abu Dhabi is third on the list with 48 points. 

Across the region, airports lead the way with smart building technologies, reporting an average score of 80 points. 

Hotels follow with 57 points, hospitals with 56, retail at 52, and private offices with 46 points.

Education facilities were ranked lowest with 41 points, and followed residential buildings' 45 points, according to Arabian Business.

Remarking on these findings, Norm Gilsdorf, president for Honeywell’s Middle East, Russia and Central Asia regions, said: “Smart buildings are the fundamental building blocks of smart cities, and every city in the survey showed clear leadership in delivering examples of benchmark-setting smart buildings. 

“With the advent of new technologies, the role buildings play is being redefined from a static environment to a more dynamic and interactive space that impacts the happiness, lifestyle, well-being and productivity of occupants.”