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Five minutes with Zoran Bankovic, Herz Middle East

by Paromita Dey on Nov 21, 2016

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How would you assess the Middle East’s MEP market at present?

In the Middle East market, there is mixed feedback at different points in time from various countries. As far as our progress is concerned, we have grown significantly over the last year.

So How has business been for Herz in the Middle East during the past year?

Business for our company is growing day by day and, fortunately, we have witnessed [an] upward business trend every year . Business in 2016 has been satisfactory, considering the market trends.


What are Herz’s plans for The Big 5 2016?

At this year’s exhibition, we will have our biggest stand yet. We are going to showcase all of the valve products that we manufacture. In addition, we will showcase a selection of other products produced by Herz, such as sanitary mixers, ceiling cooling devices, and under-floor heating systems.

In which Middle East markets are Herz’s products currently in highest demand?

The demand for our products is increasing day by day, as people are becoming increasingly aware of our quality and services. As far as numbers are concerned, we are doing quite well in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, followed by other Middle East countries.

What are Herz’s priorities in the Middle East for the coming year?

Our major focus for 2017 will be to meet regional designers, consultants, and developers to make them aware of our products, and to be in their preferred list of vendors. We will also be focussing on our contribution that we make to the education system in the Middle East.