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LinkedIn: Engineering jobs top priority for 2017

by Jumana Abdel-Razzaq on Dec 19, 2016

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Talent acquisition will be a key focus for recruiters in the Middle East for 2017, with jobs in operations, sales and engineering the top priority positions to be filled, according to a LinkedIn report.

The MENA Recruiting Trends 2017 report notes that over 81% of recruitment leaders feel that talent is the number one priority in their organisation with a majority, around 60%, anticipating a busy year ahead.

The report also reveals that operations, sales and engineering will be the highest priority roles to fill in 2017.

Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Growth Markets, Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa said: “The demand for operations, sales and engineering talent is so prevalent that recruiting teams in MENA have to start thinking more strategically about how to find and recruit these talent pools.

“Relying on data to pinpoint locations where the supply of talent is higher than the demand is a crucial first step. Another successful tactic is targeting each of these functions with highly customised employer branding content.”

According to the report, professionals in the region will continue to use social professional network such as LinkedIn to identify and hire new talent in the coming year.

Automation, customer relationship management tools for recruiting and soft skills assessments that predict job success are the top trends that will shape the recruiting industry in the next few years.

The MENA Recruiting Trends 2017 report is based on the survey responses of over 170 corporate talent acquisition leaders across MENA.