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Projects worth $65m approved in Abu Dhabi

by Jochebed Menon on Jan 5, 2017

This image is for representational purposes only.
This image is for representational purposes only.

The Abu Dhabi Executive Committee (ADEC) approved public works projects worth $65.6m (AED241m) in the emirate that will include upgrades to electricity networks, roads, and bridges.

The projects approved include a $15m (AED56m) expansion of an electricity network in Al Ain and its suburbs to improve efficiency, stability, and security of supply, The National reported.

The body adopted the projects at a meeting led by Saeed Eid Al Ghafli, the chairman of ADEC.

Other developments include a $20.7m (AED76m) renovation of roads in Abu Dhabi’s southern mainland area, and roadworks in the western sector for $5.7m (AED21m).

A $12.5m (AED46m) power plant in Zakher, and the construction of internal roads and infrastructure in the Al Falah neighbourhood, for $11.4m (AED42m), were also approved.

The project for Al Falah comprises increasing the two-lane road to three lanes in both directions, and converting U-turns into intersections with traffic lights.

A new inlet and outlet will also be created for the area to house increasing traffic.

The committee also agreed to plans for testing soil in parts of the city and requiring real estate developers to conduct engineering studies as part of planning practice.

"Such studies include geophysical, geotechnical and topographic studies," the committee said.

The design and construction of a building for training families at the headquarters of the General Women’s Union was also sanctioned.