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Abu Dhabi’s 3% housing fee only for expat renters

by Jumana Abdel-Razzaq on Jan 5, 2017

The new 3% housing charge will only apply to expatriate renters of property and not homeowners, Abu Dhabi's Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT) clarified on Wednesday.

The fee will cover tenancy agreements only directly related to the rental amount declared in residents' Tawtheeq contracts, according to The National.

A spokesman from DMAT said: Should the landlord opt to cut the rental amount, the municipal fees will be reduced accordingly.”

Earlier reports said that Abu Dhabi municipality had introduced a 3% charge on households which will be backdated to February 2016.

Backdating meant that tenants would have to pay this year’s fees in addition to the last 11 months as a single lump sum.

The charge has been implemented to help pay for municipal services such as street cleaning and landscaping, among others, added the spokesperson.

It will apply to the whole of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Al Ain and the Western Region.