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Biometrics ID company to partner with Genetec

by Neha Bhatia on Mar 15, 2017

FST's technology will be incorporated within Genetec Synergis in Security Center. [Image:]
FST's technology will be incorporated within Genetec Synergis in Security Center. [Image:]

Genetec, a manufacturer of security software systems, has announced a partnership with FST Biometrics, a provider of biometric identification systems. 

The strategic partnership will support the integration of FST's systems, which include face recognition and body behaviour analytics, with the Genetec Synergis access control system (pictured), part of its Security Center offering. 

FST's experience with in-motion identification (IMID) technology will be deployed as a part of Genetec Security Center, a unified IP security platform.

This would help manage physical secure access to facilities through a simple integration that allows Security Center customers to maintain their existing security setup.

Security Center users would also have the option to implement an identity management component that will admit users based on their biometric profile as they approach access points.

Users of Security Center would also receive real-time alerts through IMID when, for instance, unauthorised or blacklisted visitors attempt to enter a facility. 

IMID may also be combined with RFID cards for organisations that require multi-factor identification.

Remarking on the collaboration, Arie Melamed, chief marketing officer at FST, said: "[We are] excited to be working with one of the market leaders in facility security to not only improve the quality and accuracy of identity and access management, but also to make the user experience smoother.

"The integration of IMID into the Security Center ecosystem means that users will be identified by who they are, not what they carry – all without breaking their stride or slowing down." 

IMID's database is synchronised with the existing Security Center database, which eliminates the need to re-enter authorised users’ information, a press statement revealed.

Genetec's Middle East and Africa office is situated in Dubai.