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Hormann launches fire- and smoke-tight door line

by Neha Bhatia on Mar 16, 2017

Hormann has launched fire- and smoke-tight doors.
Hormann has launched fire- and smoke-tight doors.

Hormann has unveiled a new line of fire- and smoke-tight sliding doors for the Middle East.  

The line includes the option of wicket doors without a threshold rail.

The wicket door can be opened in both directions depending on the rescue route planning.

It can be also be fitted to either open into the reveal or away from it.

Single- and double-leaf versions are available within the line, as are single-leaf telescope sliding doors. 

The smoke-tight sliding doors also feature four-sided all-round seals

Hormann, in a press statement, said wicket doors without threshold rails "provide more convenience and safety", while for the speedy passage of pedestrians, hand trucks or smaller trolleys, "fire sliding doors with wicket/escape... are suitable". 

Remarking on the product line, Darius Khanloo, managing director at Hormann Middle East and Africa (MEA), said: "Constantly changing functional and safety requirements by authorities necessitate continuous new construction developments and improvements in components such as doors.

"In this area, our qualified development teams time and again prove their great specialised expertise, and our new fire and smoke tight doors are an example of this. 

"These doors are well-suited for all areas with high personnel frequency where, in the case of fire, people must be protected from the spread of life-threatening fumes."