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ACES on track with Riyadh Metro works

by Jumana Abdel-Razzaq on May 2, 2017

ACES is  providing specialised services for all three consortia on the Riyadh Metro.
ACES is providing specialised services for all three consortia on the Riyadh Metro.

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Arab Center for Engineering Studies (ACES) is currently on track with its part on the Riyadh Metro project, providing specialised services for all three consortia (FAST, ANM and BACS) and their respective subcontractors.

Geotechnical works conducted by ACES include thorough soil investigations for Line 1, 3, 4 and 6, which required drilling, sampling, and extensive field testing of over 200 boreholes. For lines 1 and 2, the soil investigation work was coupled with geophysical testing including down holes, cross hole, acoustic televiewer and ERT testing.

Additionally, ACES provided FAST Consortium with an extensive cavity probing study to detect voids and utilise their technical capabilities to implement remedial grouting works under the specific piers.

Currently, ACES is involved with a three year contract to conduct the quality control and management work for ANM’s Line 3. With two of largest site labs in the kingdom, over 90 engineers and experienced technicians, ACES can conduct on-site testing of concrete, asphalt and ground materials covering piling and foundation, concrete erection and tunnel wall works in accordance to the most updated international testing standards.


ACES produce regular quality control reports that summarise the test findings and facilitates of the key decision-making process for ANM.

In addition to the site labs and routine construction testing, ACES is conducting more specialised testing for all three consortia through its ACES Riyadh main lab which is equipped with state of the art equipment and is ISO 17025 certified.

Examples of such tests include concrete chloride migration, NDT methods and several pile tests including low strain integrity, cross-hole sonic logging, and high-strain dynamic pile testing.

ACES has worked on numerous rail projects across the region including the Jeddah Metros and Abu Dhabi Step Tunnel and ongoing work in Dubai and Doha.