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Top 20 MEP Consultants 2017

by Rajiv Ravindran Pillai on Jun 1, 2017

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A consultant’s primary role is to assist an organisation with certain areas of its work. To act as an educator, a resource, a facilitator, or simply put, a subject matter expert. And every organisation needs expert advice.

Therefore, it is essential to know some of the top performing consultants in the Middle East region. So we undertook the daunting task of compiling a list. Daunting because there was too much information and, at the same time, too little information, the veracity of which needed to be challenged. There were some who did not participate in the process, did not return the questionnaire, or simply declined, for reasons of lack of data, data protection, or time constraints.

Deciding on a ranking from these challenges is therefore difficult and the results therefore suffer from a degree of subjectivity in among the verifiable facts. So in addition, we went a step further and got in touch with several top contractors for an informal second opinion, to know and understand reviews from the people who work with consultants on a regular basis.

The questionnaire had several parameters for gauging different aspects of consultancy performance. And since there were so many parameters, a holistic approach was adopted to rank various players. We also had a look at historic data pertaining to the consultants involved in the list. The key point to keep in mind is that even to appear on this list is a significant achievement – a recognition of success – and I sincerely thank all the participants who took the time to fill out the comprehensive questionnaire.

We have managed to assess all the relevant information to hand to give our readers an overall perspective of the best consultants in the market. But please appreciate the relative subjectivity of our endeavour, and feel free to debate and challenge its conclusions. In short, the more the information, the better the ranking!