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Top 20 MEP Consultants 2017

by Rajiv Ravindran Pillai on Jun 1, 2017

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16. Griffin Consultants

Four years after Griffin Consultants was founded in 2013, the company has 16 full time technical employees. Out of which, 11 are qualified MEP engineers and four are BIM engineers.

Talking about the role women play in the company, Omnia Halawani, director and partner at Griffin Consultants, says: “As a woman myself, I am a big advocate of promoting women’s active participation in the engineering workforce. I am, however, against the notion of quantifying women as a quota in companies. Our hiring schemes are independent of gender and we hire professionals purely based on their technical and professional merit; which women are capable of as much as men are. Having that said, 25% of our employees are female.”

In 2016, Griffin Consultants completed an energy benchmarking study for Emaar on all of its properties in Dubai. It was part of an overall energy management plan in support of Emaar’s strategic objective of “offering excellence in Facility Management Services.”

Another project was the energy audit and retrofit supervision of all of Meraas’ owned buildings in the Discovery Gardens. “We used state-of-the-art energy modelling software IES VE, which is adopted in our firm for all energy modelling tasks,” says Halawani. “In this specific project, we used innovative and low cost measures which paid back in less than 6 months yet resulted in 20% cooling reduction and 35% savings in power.”

Speaking on current projects, Halawani says: “We have been awarded the prototype design of a highly sustainable villa by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority. With sustainability forming the essence of design decisions, the energy consuming systems selected were based on detailed study balancing energy efficiency and feasibility. The third factor into the equation was user comfort which focuses on giving the user a high level of control over the adequately designed systems. All those factors were adopted to reach a truly sustainable design which end users can find affordable, efficient, and comfortable. This villa design will achieve 4 Pearl Estidama Rating.

“We are also working on the design of multi-use complex that involved warehouses, labor accommodation, a factory, and a car and boat shed and wash among other peripheral buildings. This is one of the large projects that we are working on this year. We were recently selected as a consultant to Masdar for energy efficiency projects in a framework agreement and have already conducted one energy audit under this framework. Our technical director, Hassan Younes, dedicates much time being on the Boards of Governors/Directors of the local and regional chapters of ASHRAE and CIBSE.”

Griffin Consultants’ main market is the UAE; however, it has projects in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia too.

Omnia Halawani, Director and Partner

Number of years in role: 4

Number of years in company: 4

Number of years working in Middle East: 13

Middle East workforce: 16

MEP/Building Services Engineers: 11