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Video: Saeed Al Abbar on indoor air quality in UAE

by Neha Bhatia on Jun 6, 2017

Saeed Al Abbar, AESG.
Saeed Al Abbar, AESG.

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A shortage of qualified personnel with adequate training and equipment for high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter testing and certification led to AESG's diversification into the sector, it has been revealed. 

AESG director, Saeed Al Abbar, said the in-house HEPA filter competency supports the company's portfolio of developments.

In an exclusive video interview with ConstructionWeekOnline, Al Abbar said HEPA filter services are particularly important in the healthcare sector. 

He added: "We were providing testing and commissioning management services for quite a few hospital projects on behalf of the operator, which in many cases was a government authority. 

ARCHIVES: AESG launches HEPA filter testing service

"What we found quite often was that qualified people and equipment to run HEPA tests [were hard to come across].

AESG's launch of the HEPA filter division ensures the services are in line with its standards. 

"We [now] have people that are fully qualified with [HEPA filter services] and have purchased the equipment."

Scroll down to watch ConstructionWeekOnline's and Al Abbar's conversation in the fourth of a five-part series.