Dubai to get 12 new private hospitals by 2020

Fatima De La Cerna , July 4th, 2017

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is expecting 12 new private hospitals to open in the emirate by 2020.

The new hospitals will provide patients with 875 beds and bring the total number of private hospitals in Dubai to 38. Meanwhile, seven existing hospitals are presently undergoing expansion to include 750 beds, DHA noted.

The emirate has reportedly witnessed a 4% increase in its number of private medical health facilities in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the first quarter.

The total number of private health facilities is said to currently stand at 3,018. They include 26 hospitals, four fertility centres, 34 one-day-surgery centres, 1,624 specialised and general medical complexes, 82 dental treatment centres and laboratories, 868 pharmacies, and 38 health examination and house nursing facilities.

According to the authority’s Health Regulation Department, there are more than 36,055 licenced physicians in the medical private sector of Dubai, out of which 13,594 are new licences.

Dr Marwan Al Mulla, director of the Health Regulation Department, said that the numbers prove that Dubai is succeeding in attracting investment.

He added that to meet the requirement of a growing sector, DHA is developing its regulatory standards to ensure the delivery of high medical standards and to provide Dubai with skilled and highly qualified health professionals.

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