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Disruption key focus for GCC's construction tech suppliers

by Fatima De La Cerna on Jul 29, 2017

Hilti recently launched a new asset management system, Chabert says.
Hilti recently launched a new asset management system, Chabert says.

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Despite project scopes growing more ambitious, the construction sector’s productivity and adoption of the latest technologies continue to lag behind those of other sectors.

Having made this observation, Denis Branthonne, chief executive officer and founder of Novade Solutions, notes that the construction industry is “ripe for disruption”, telling Construction Week: “Mobile and cloud technologies can revolutionise site processes by saving time and paper, thus boosting productivity.”

Branthonne adds that Novade, understanding the benefits that technology could bring to the industry, aims to digitise standard site processes.

He elaborates: “[The Novade] platform offers a variety of modules to address different project needs. One of the most popular is Novade Quality, which digitises defect checking, quality controls, and rectification processes.

“We are seeing a lot of traction also with Novade Safety to digitise key processes, such as site inspections, work permits, and non-conformance and near-miss reports. Meanwhile, Novade Maintenance allows users to manage scheduled inspections and repair jobs by technicians in the field in real time. All these modules are connected to each other and can be used on multiple projects.”

While the company is headquartered in Singapore, Branthonne says that its products are used in building, real estate, and infrastructure projects not only in Asia but also in Europe – and will soon be in use in the Middle East.

“We are aiming to enter the Middle-Eastern market in 2018,” he reveals.

Unlike Novade, Hilti already has a presence in the region, where it is said to be enjoying strong demand for its construction technologies and products.

Edouard Chabert, marketing head for the GCC at Hilti Emirates, says that 2017 has, so far, proven to be a good year for the company, adding that the UAE is “currently the most dynamic market”, and one that constitutes around 35% of the company’s total business in the GCC.

Giving specifics on Hilti’s market performance, he continues: “Our tool business is growing at a strong double-digit pace, with [demand exhibiting] a clear shift from corded tools to battery-actuated tools.”

The latter, he points out, offer a similar – if not better – performance than corded tools, but are safer and easier to use.