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Comment: FM suppliers are innovating with new tech, are you up for it?

by Nikhil Pereira on Aug 2, 2017

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We live in harsh environmental conditions, and the amount of dust in the air that we inevitably end up breathing is indeed quite alarming.

The harmful particles in the dust can cause serious respiratory disorders, and this makes investing in the right sort of cleaning equipment essential.

Because of the nature of its use, it’s important to ensure as a buyer you receive adequate after sales service and a lengthy warranty period with your cleaning equipment. When procuring products, do not only look at the price point, instead consider the reputation of the company, its expertise and the reliability of its equipment. Sure, these are basics, and FM pros such as you will have your bucket list of things to check before putting pen to paper.

You might be wondering what has prompted me to dedicate two paras of prose to FM suppliers. The reason is we have a first-of-its-kind ‘FM suppliers you should know’ feature in the magazine. As we progress, it would be heartening to see more suppliers take part in this feature.

Why do we baulk at a slightly higher price when we are presented with bio-degradable products? And the misconception that organic products are not as effective is argued to be a complete myth.

Khidmah’s Shadi Akeel speaks about the perception prevalent in the region “that you need to smell the chemicals used to clean” in order to be reassured.

About the author: Nikhil Pereira is the deputy editor of facilities management Middle East.