Video: US-based Construction Robotics rolls out brick-laying robots

John Bambridge , August 20th, 2017

New York-based company Construction Robotics has developed a semi-automated brick-laying robot called the Semi-Automated Mason, or SAM, that is capable of laying more than 3,000 bricks a day, compared to the 1,000 bricks laid by the best human masons.

The robot is considered to be semi-automated, because while it carries out the brick-laying process alone, using sensors, it still requires two people to carry out the finishing work, as well as to feed it bricks and mortar as it progresses across the construction site.

According to Scott Peters, president of Construction Robotics, while efficiency in the manufacturing segment has increased significantly in the last 20 to 30 years, in part thanks to advances in robotics and technology, the efficiency in construction has been stagnant.

In 2015, and Australian inventor Mark Pivac also created a brick-laying robot called Hadrian, though with a very different application in mind to SAM. Pivac designed to build the brick shell of a house in two days in response to a shortage of brick layers in Australia.

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