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The importance of PR and communications in FM

by Nikhil Pereira on Sep 11, 2017

In the three months I have been editing facilities management Middle East, my appreciation for the industry and the people who represent each discipline within FM has quadrupled. My time at the helm also coincided with what we in the publishing business call “slow months”.

During these months, which is often peak summer season in the Gulf, news and information is harder to come by because people tend to travel and take their annual vacation. 

But as is the case in FM, companies are busy honouring their contracts, carrying out service and maintenance on HVAC systems and doing PPM works in general. 

Taking all of the above into consideration, I learnt there are a few more reasons why some FM companies tend keep information relating to contract wins, renewals and appointments to themselves.

Firstly, FM companies tend to be bound by the anonymity clause that clients bake into the contract itself, although it’s not a regular occurrence. Then in some cases, FM companies believe it’s better to fly under the radar and not be “out there in the public domain”.

On the other hand, FM companies that believe in communicating with the press, manage to use the resulting coverage in their favour, often holding them in good stead to win new contracts. 

In the last few weeks, I have spokenwith many gurus from the industry, and they felt marketing and communication is a topic that should be addressed post haste.

We often hear the phrase ‘FM is a relatively new industry in the region’ and it’s true when you compare it to construction or hospitality verticals. But what do we do to grow our industry, both in terms of awareness and business? 

It’s great if you are already in touch with us, sharing news and being part of our awards cycle. 

If not, I welcome you to write in and let us know your news. 

Lest we forget, the Power 50 ranking is just around the corner (December 2017 issue), and I wouldn’t want any to miss out.