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Cloud is taking over elevator maintenance

by Nikhil Pereira on Sep 11, 2017

Technology is gaining in prominence in maintenance of elevators and escalators.
Technology is gaining in prominence in maintenance of elevators and escalators.

Jacek Luczak, director of service business – Kone Middle East and Africa sheds light on elevator maintenance, and the innovations being carried out by the company.

What are some of the latest trends in elevator service and maintenance?

The maintenance business is going digital by increasing the use of technology as a means to provide customers with constant updates regarding their equipment’s status, planned preventive jobs, work in progress, etc. Maintenance providers like us can collect a massive amount of information sent from elevators and escalators to the cloud, where the data can be translated, with help of the Internet of Things (IoT), into real actions. IoT is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, like elevators, enabling them to send and receive data.

How do seasonal changes affect maintenance for elevators and escalators?

As customers are using elevators and escalators throughout the year, there is no big impact from season to season except for works planning. For example, maintenance service providers need to consider factors such as peak season at a holiday resort. It would be inefficient to conduct the maintenance at this time as it would cause traffic in the people flow.

How important is it to offer customised service and maintenance packages?

Besides traditional maintenance packages such as the standard, plus or premium we offer tailor-made maintenance solutions (KONE Care) with many different options to be included or excluded from the basic proposal. This custom approach gives customers the option to draft their own maintenance package, which fits their needs and values. It’s important that the service doesn’t end with the sale of the package. Our customer care centre provides customers with round-the-clock support for any equipment-related issues.

How is technology and the rise of mobile applications integrated in your offerings?

Technology is gaining in prominence and Kone’s maintenance business is also being supported by ongoing digital innovations. We keep customers up-to-date on our maintenance work progress and schedules and the Kone mobile application delivers status updates directly on to a client’s smartphone. Kone Care Online, our electronic communication and reporting system provides real-time information on the condition of elevators and escalators, including details on repairs and resulting costs.

What are some common mistakes made by FM companies and asset managers with regards to elevator/escalator maintenance?

Elevators and escalators are an important facet of a building and their condition can increase or decrease the value of the building. Furthermore, a long-term agreement with a reputed maintenance partner should bring better value for the building owner.