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Top 25 MEP Contractors 2017: 1-5

by Rajiv Ravindran Pillai on Sep 10, 2017

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1. Trans Gulf Electro Mechanical, Stuart McGregor, General manager

After winning the MEP Contractor of the Year Award last year, Trans Gulf Electro Mechanical, the MEP arm of Al Naboodah Construction Group, has consistently been securing loads of MEP projects in the UAE. The company recorded a revenue of $163m in the UAE in the year 2016. 

A few of the projects completed last year in Dubai were the Landmark Headquarters, Emirates Flight Catering and Audi Service Centre. 

On future opportunities, Stuart McGregor, general manager, Trans Gulf Electro Mechanical & Al Naboodah MEP, says: “The single biggest opportunity for Trans Gulf over the next 12 months is the volume of work being put out to tender. We are seeing an encouraging increase in potential projects, particularly for those that demand the use of different technologies, while enabling us to take advantage of our building information modelling (BIM) capability to create efficiencies. Our new civil defence division is also attracting significant, high-profile contracts.”

When it comes to training programmes, he says that employee learning and development requirements are identified during each employee’s annual career development review. In 2016, over 150 different types of training courses were provided at Trans Gulf.  

Speaking about the challenges facing the sector, McGregor says: “The biggest challenge for the MEP industry will be in managing project financing and payment delays aligned with unrealistic client budgets. We welcome more design and build procured projects, enabling us to lead the design to cost solutions for our clients, whilst ensuring quality and technical operability are not compromised.”

The company engages closely with its stakeholders. At a recent event, hosted by Trans Gulf  for its suppliers, it promoted procurement best practice and encouraged adherence to its supply chain ethics.

Number of years in his role: 3 
Number of years in the company: 3 
Number of years working in the Middle East: 8