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Saudi’s Anfas Medical Care inks $30m agreement with GE

by Fatima De La Cerna on Oct 3, 2017

GE Healthcare has signed a $30m agreement with Saudi's Anfas Medical Care.
GE Healthcare has signed a $30m agreement with Saudi's Anfas Medical Care.

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Saudi Arabia’s Anfas Medical Care (AMC) and GE Healthcare have signed an agreement worth $30m (SAR113m), it has been revealed.

In a statement, GE said that the agreement supports AMC’s new 120-bed specialty facility that caters to chronic pulmonary patients requiring long-term rehabilitation and intensive care.

Scheduled to open in 2018, the facility will be based in Riyadh and is being developed in collaboration with Houston Methodist Hospitals.

Under the terms of the deal, the facility will be powered by a GE solutions that combines technology provision, equipment servicing, and management under a managed equipment services (MES) framework.

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According to GE, the framework is designed to enable improved procurement planning, asset management, and financing predictability.

In addition to the technology partnership, GE said that it will provide advisory services to implement clinical workflows and operational processes, which will reportedly deliver increased capacity and patient throughput, high-quality care, and reduced hospital length of stay.

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The company added that for AMC, this partnership will allow it to leverage the appropriate GE capabilities needed to reach strategic operational, clinical, and financial goals.

Dr Mamdouh Albaqumi, founder and chief executive officer of AMC, said: “This partnership model presents an entirely new framework to accelerate the development of private-sector healthcare services in the kingdom, allowing us to scale up our operational and technical levels to world-class standards.

“It will enable us to facilitate better diagnosis and patient monitoring for our physicians, and enable us to always be at the forefront of cutting-edge medical technology for the benefit our patients.”

Jalil Juha, president and chief executive officer of GE Healthcare Saudi Arabia, added: “Through this new model of healthcare delivery for Saudi Arabia, we are providing comprehensive, long-term support to our partner in building a robust and sustainable healthcare infrastructure.

“The MES model brings many core strengths that improves quality, reduces cost, and increases access to healthcare delivery. With this agreement, GE and AMC can further contribute to the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 to drive quality and efficient healthcare services, as well as supporting the [Health] Ministry’s focus on nurturing a buoyant private healthcare sector.”

The announcement of the partnership comes on the heels of the formation of a new AMC-led consortium that will undertake the development of a healthcare village in Jeddah.

The project will feature a rehabilitation, neurology, and sports injury centre, in addition to a paediatric hospital.

The consortium includes Dallah Albaraka as the strategic partner, Aldukheil Financial Group as the financial advisor, and AMI Saudi Arabia Ltd as the local operations partner on the development. GE has been selected as the consortium’s key technology and solutions partner.