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Comment: Are tenants getting their due?

by Nikhil Pereira on Oct 11, 2017

Nikhil Pereira talks about his moving in experience and the reason why tenants need to me more vigilant.
Nikhil Pereira talks about his moving in experience and the reason why tenants need to me more vigilant.

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I recently moved into a new apartment and the master community I moved into — located in Dubai’s Jebel Ali district — is slightly older compared to my apartment building in Dubai Production City (formerly IMPZ).

Thanks to my time at the helm of this magazine, moving into an apartment will never be the same experience. I have become an expert (of sorts) in identifying snags, and rest confident in my knowledge of what is reasonable in the remit of my expectancy as a tenant.

While the master community is over a decade old, the FM service provider has done an A+ job of maintaining the exterior — landscaping, road cleanliness, leisure facilities maintenance and the overall upkeep of the area.

Moving to the interior of the building, I was excited to see sensor controlled lighting in the public areas and the usage of low energy consumption bulbs as well. I am, however, slightly surprised by the lack of CCTV cameras in the public areas. It’s only present at reception (which does have security manning the post 24/7 and access card entry in the building).

There isn’t a shortage of patrolling vehicles roaming the streets to sort out domestic issues if any, but I’ve always been used to cameras surveying public hallways. It is definitely an area that needs prioritising.

And finally, taking stock of my apartment itself I was disappointed with the condition I received it in. Tenants expect to enter an apartment with the FF&E in order. My apartment came with faulty fitments, holes in the floor drilled by the previous tenant and general lack of deep cleaning. I was promised that HVAC the system was cleaned along with new air filters and that pest control was done, but I choose to verify the claims with receipts.

I’m not asking for too much because if the property management firm that I leased from followed procedure, it should have all proof of work and documentation in order. A reporting system is a must for both the client and the FM company.

There are only a few FM companies and service providers that follow a strict reporting system, but it’s an important step in the endeavour of customer satisfaction. The magazine’s readership generally comprises professionals from the FM sector, but let’s not forget that we are all tenants and landlords as well.

Matters pertaining to indoor air quality, hygiene and overall living conditions are as important to us as they are for our clients. Sometimes, it’s important to take work home.