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Pest control specialists ETS increase focus on technology

by Nikhil Pereira on Oct 21, 2017

Mohammad Othman.
Mohammad Othman.

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Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) is making its effects felt in the field of pest control.

Engineering Techniques Services (ETS) managing director Mohammad Othman told fmME that measures to curb pests has taken a smarter approach in recent times that not only results in better quality but ensures cost efficiency as well.

“We have introduced the smart RBS for rodent control, for example, its time-saving and gives us quick response. The system reduces high usage of pesticides, which aids in sustainable and green practices. Sensors allow the system to focus on areas with high infestation thanks to the information it collects, which saves time in discovering hot-bed areas of pest activities,” Othman said.


He added: “We are now focusing on offering smart services – gathering information through the internet of things and its implementation with our services. This results in cost reduction and gives high quality and professionalism.”

ETS is looking forward to the Expo 2020, as Othman feels the major international event is rapidly shaping the city’s commercial and residential sector. “Most of the residential and commercial buildings have high demand for good quality facilities management. The game will be fought in quality, good technology and those who offer cost effective solutions,” he said.

While, implementation of technological methods can incur decent investments, Othman said companies are wise-enough to know of its added benefits.

“It all starts with the client’s awareness (that technology comes with a cost but its benefits far outweigh it). Then there are many clients that are unaware of the new regulations introduced. So, if we compare a like-for-like service the discussion becomes a lot clearer. Clients understand its importance for sure,” he said.

In terms of new services being introduced, Othman says ETS has also introduced drone services to tackle the bird menace especially faced in the residential sector.

“The drones do not harm birds when they get close to homes or villas, and in turn scare them away by simulating sounds of predator birds.”

“It might seem like a simple solution but the bird menace leads to a lot more cleaning and maintenance dilemmas, which FM companies are tasked with solving. In some cases, it causes irreparable damage to facades and surfaces. So this solution goes a long way in eliminating the problem from the source,” Othman said.