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Saudi-owned Raimondi launches 12 tonne-capacity flat-top tower crane

by James Morgan on Nov 1, 2017

Raimondis MRT234 flat-top tower crane boasts a maximum lift capacity of 12 tonnes.
Raimondis MRT234 flat-top tower crane boasts a maximum lift capacity of 12 tonnes.

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Raimondi Cranes has officially launched its MRT234 flat-top tower crane.

The MRT234 boasts a maximum jib length of 70m and a lift capacity of 12 tonnes. At maximum radius, in ‘Ultralift’ mode, it can lift 2.25 tonnes.

The crane began shipping to Raimondi’s agent network in September to fulfil advanced orders, and is now available for general purchase.

The Italy-based equipment manufacturer, which is owned by Saudi Arabia’s KBW Investments, stated that the model has already witnessed strong pre-sales.

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Commenting on the MRT234’s development, Eng Domenico Ciano, Raimondi’s technical director, said: “Raimondi’s research and development (R&D) team worked with various suppliers for four months to build the prototype, which was erected at our headquarters in Italy in August 2017. The final stage of testing took three months, including pre-assembly of the crane, evaluating many different types of configuration and all of the model’s structural tests.

“This testing phase, part of Raimondi’s internal technical quality-control procedures, allowed for various performance measurement assessments, and enabled the engineering segment to observe these metrics at work, thereby ensuring the best possible results for end users.”

Compared to its predecessor, the MRT234’s slewing speed and trolley movement have been improved by approximately 30%. The crane’s smoothness of motion and accuracy have also been enhanced, according to its designers.

“Raimondi’s newest product is heavily geared towards user experience, and these [user interface- and user experience-centric] features, pioneered by Silicon Valley’s technology companies – when applied to heavy-lifting machinery – result in a high-performance product that boasts extreme operator ease on site,” Ciano added.

Raimondi’s MRT234 offers a choice of eight jib-length configurations, ranging from 28m to 70m. The model can also be equipped with two different hoisting winches: the 45kW version, which comes as standard; or the more powerful 55kW variant.