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Top five tips to reduce operating costs in the UAE's large buildings

by CW Guest Columnist on Nov 7, 2017

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The UAE has one of the highest energy and water consumption rates per capita in the world.  As many MEP consultants in Dubai know, large buildings can especially suffer with excessive cooling loads, lack of effective insulation and glazing, and inefficient energy or water conservation systems.

Engineering companies in the UAE also know the country’s unique climate can create further challenges. For the owner or end user, this means large operating costs that can ruin budgets and swallow profits.  At a time when most organisations need to make budgets go further than ever before, cutting operating costs is a smart way to achieve this goal.

Many methods of cutting common area operating costs are available by adopting the latest technologies, which can be incorporated in upgrades and plant replacement strategies.

Below are the top recommendations for building owners and operators to reducing their energy and water consumption and cutting your operating costs – especially for large building owners and managers. Depending on the cost-saving measures implemented, the return on investment can be quick, with savings accruing over the building’s lifetime, especially as energy costs increase, which is inevitable.