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Manufacturers to be held responsible for fire and safety, expert says

by Rajiv Ravindran Pillai on Dec 4, 2017

Suhail Badruddin, general manager at CVS.
Suhail Badruddin, general manager at CVS.

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The enforcement of certain codes and regulations in the construction industry should not fall on civil defense authorities alone, according to an expert. 

Speaking to MEP Middle East on the sidelines of  The Big 5 event, Suhail Badruddin, general manager at Central Ventilation Systems (CVS) explained that it it not the responsibility of the civil defense to enforce regulations. 

"It is not the responsibility of Dubai Civil Defense to police us. Any government body that is enforcing code or regulations, are also people and they are also continuously growing and learning new things, and there is a turnover of personnel," he said. 

"Civil Defense relies on the manufacturer's integrity and certification body's ability to enforce these things and make sure that a fire safety product is first produced and manufactured the way it was tested and certified."

"The second part is that it is the manufacturers responsibility to ensure that their product is being used the right way because there is no point in getting the best product in the world and then applying it the wrong way," he added. 

Talking about the evolution of fire and safety products and regulations in the Middle East, Badruddin said: "In the past, a lot of people were using heavy gauged ductwork in basements and staircase pressurization area, and life safety ventilation systems without any certification or testing, so there was nothing to show that this system was actually going to work in case of fire. This evolved into a market where people were using coated products to show compliance with requirements.

"And when we came up with a non-coated system back in 2008 and 2009, at that point, we had still been witnessing that the market had not adapted its stance on  a life safety ventilation system and that it needs to be tested," Badruddin continued. 

"Over the years, the Civil Defense has become a little more stricter, and they want all life safety products to be tested, verified, etc. So there are more checks in place now."