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The top pump products in the Middle East's MEP market

by Rajiv Ravindran Pillai on Jan 8, 2018

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DAB FK pump

FKV line of submersible pumps is ideal for collection stations in large public buildings

FK is the new DAB professional submersible wastewater pumps.

FK claims to guarantee reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance, which are important values for installers and maintainers.

Suitable for the transfer of wastewater in public buildings, industries, subways and parking lots, the FK range has been designed for pumping wastewater with varying solids contents: from the drainage and surface water, up to residential wastewater; from wastewater with high fiber content up to industrial wastewater.

It has new IE3 premium efficiency motors that drastically reduce energy operation costs. Given the low running temperatures, their operation is guaranteed up to 40°C, for higher temperatures.

It has a single standard cable that encloses power and signal inputs together, which reduces drastically the possibility of problems due to cuts or leaks. The FK also has a single-unit cartridge seal which is a great advantage for maintenance of the pump as it allows the removal and insertion of the seals in less time.