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UAE Fuelwatch Challenge puts spotlight on fuel-efficient driving skills

by CW Staff on Jan 9, 2018

FAMCO Fuelwatch Challenge winners.
FAMCO Fuelwatch Challenge winners.

Twenty drivers from the UAE showcased their capabilities in fuel-efficient driving recently at the inaugural Fuelwatch Challenge organised by Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO).

Introduced by Volvo Trucks as a global competition, the Fuelwatch Challenge is an initiative that puts the spotlight on the driver and a true test of skill and discipline.

During the Challenge, drivers demonstrated their competency in vehicle handling at optimal fuel efficiency.



Using Dynafleet, the Volvo Trucks’ proprietary fleet management system, fuel efficiency scores were accurately measured based on four key aspects: braking, speed adaptation, engine and gear utilisation and standstill.

Data on fuel efficiency, driver’s uptime and overall productivity were collected to gauge contestants’ performances and identify specific areas for improvement.  

Translated into a real-life context, the competition margins offer cost saving potential. For instance, during an average long-haul operation of 150,000 kilometres, the on-road fuel efficiency margins could result in approximately 5,000 litres less fuel consumption per truck each year.

The winner of the competition, Amandeep Singh based in Fujairah, completed the 13km course consuming 18% less fuel than the other competitors.

Vladimir Knezevic, managing director of FAMCO, said: “The Challenge encourages proper management and maintenance of the truck prior to usage thereby contributing to fuel efficiency on the road and reducing the risk of breakdown. More importantly, it ensures the safety of the driver and other road users.”

Jan-Erik Thorén, market director of Volvo Trucks Middle East, said: “More than a competition, the Challenge showcases real-world cost benefits for companies and industries, while contributing positively to the environment.

"The role that drivers play is integral to achieving optimal fuel efficiency and we will continue to help them excel and get the most out of our trucks.”