Abu Dhabi Municipality cracks down on abandoned vehicles in Musaffah

CW Staff , January 11th, 2018

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) is carrying out an extensive inspection campaign targeting vehicles left unattended for extended periods in residential areas and public facilities covered in dust.  

During the campaign, which has covered the Musaffah industrial areas, 178 warning tickets were issued against owners of vehicles abandoned for extended periods.


The Municipality is combating this phenomenon pursuant to the Law No. 2/2012, governing the general appearance, health and public tranquillity in the Abu Dhabi emirate.

The revised executive regulation provides for affixing offence notices on violating vehicles for three days instead of 14 days.

Upon the lapse of this period without the vehicle being removed, the Municipality will move the vehicles to an impounding yard. The Law applies to all vehicles, including trailers and boats, all of which may be towed away to impounding yards in Al Wathba and Al Mafraq Industrial.

The Municipality called upon all community members to keep their vehicles clean to avoid a fine of $816.6 (AED3000). If the offender reports to the Municipality, a settlement will be offered to pay 50% of the fine.

However, the fine will double for recurrent offenders, and daily impounding fees will apply depending on the type of vehicle and the area from which the vehicle had been removed.


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