FM products to watch out for in March 2018

Nikhil Pereira , March 6th, 2018

Winterhalter Chemicals

Winterhalter has launched its latest BLUe range of ‘green’ cleaning chemicals in packaging designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Replacing standard cleaning products with concentrates, and using refillable flasks, has a significant impact on packaging use. A single 2-litre bottle of concentrate yields 100x750ml flasks when diluted. Most of the cartons used for the BLUe range are made of recycled board, while the spray flask packaging contains post-consumer recylate. The BLUe products are manufactured under an environmental management system approved to ISO14001. Winterhalter Chemicals has developed a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning products. They include the largest range of warewashing chemicals, as well as a huge choice of specialist products formulated specifically for the foodservice industry.


Ring has introduced a new smart video doorbell that can be used for domestic or commercial applications. Ring launched the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with 1080p HD video, adjustable motion sensors and a removable, rechargeable battery pack (charged through micro-USB port). It adds next-level security and convenience to any home. Ring’s second-generation video doorbell also features customisable, interchangeable silver and brown faceplates, and improved infrared night vision with a 160° field of view and 180° horizontal motion detection angle. It also has a two-way audio with noise cancellation, and so-called bank-grade encryption.


A smart thermostat has been launched in the UAE by Alphabet, the parent company of technology giant, Google. The Nest Learning Thermostat is now available for purchase at AED999. Nest Labs is the architect of the energy-saving thermostat of the device that is said to learn the temperature preferences of each user, and programme itself accordingly. Additionally, Nest’s thermostat learns how long it takes to cool a home, thus ensuring the space is comfortable at all times.


Zaeto MEA, a manufacturer of green-standard lubricants for the heavy industry, has launched in Dubai. Currently, many of the region’s heavy industry companies involved in areas such as manufacturing and marine transport use lubrication and grease products that contain environmentally damaging materials that can lead to pollution of the natural ecology. Inspired by UAE Vision 2021, Zaeto has developed and tested a new range of environmentally-friendly industrial products, specifically designed for the harsh climate and temperatures of the Middle East, which will minimise the impact on the ecosystem.


 Automotive tyre company Continental has announced the Middle East launch of ContiPressureCheck, a tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system for buses and trucks. The ContiPressureCheck system consists of four main components: tyre sensors mounted on the tyre inner liner inside a rubber housing to continuously measure tyre temperature and pressure; central control unit to evaluate tyre sensor signals and send the status of all the vehicle’s tyres to the driver’s display screen; driver display positioned inside the vehicle to shows tyre pressure, temperature and provide the driver with warning alerts; and telematics integration.

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