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Abu Dhabi tower construction costs increase

by Neha Bhatia on Jul 9, 2018

Tower construction costs have reportedly increased in Abu Dhabi [representational image].
Tower construction costs have reportedly increased in Abu Dhabi [representational image].

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Tower construction costs in Abu Dhabi increased during Q1 2018, it has been found.

The emirate’s Construction Cost Index (CCI) reached 103.5% in Q1 2018 from 94.2% in Q1 2017, according to the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD), which published the CCI document that covers the relative importance of various construction items used to build towers.

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In Q1 2018, the prices of construction services and equipment respectively grew by 15.9% and 1.1%, compared to Q1 2017.

In the same period, air-conditioning work costs rose by 3%, and construction material prices increased by 9.9%.

SCAD’s data showed that manpower was the most important segment contributing to the rise in construction prices during the first quarter of this year. These values increased by 19.9% in Q1 2018 over Q4 2017, SCAD found.

Additionally, manpower costs grew by 30.4% between Q1 2017 and Q1 2018. However, the costs of finances and bonds, as well as firefighting works, were unchanged during this period, whereas plumbing and drainage mechanical costs declined by 0.1%.

SCAD's CCI is a statistical indicator to help planning and research activities across various disciplines.

Items sampled for SCAD’s CCI basket cover data from the Contractors' Association in Abu Dhabi.

The sampled building materials and construction service providers were selected to represent market conditions across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the authority said.